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The Extract MojoToGo was the undeniable darling of SCAA 2010. Vince Fedele’s universal refractometer app is attracting attention and accolades everywhere it goes, including being named the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Best New Product in the Education and Training for 2010. We recently featured MojoToGo in some of our event recap, but we’ll take a second to point you to an interesting ongoing discussion of the app over on JimSeven.com:

the iPhone app is great, the new bundle means the entry price point has come down and metering both espresso and brewed coffee is cheaper too.  This is a good thing – my only complaint: you can’t buy apps for other people.  It would be nice if you could buy the app for staff – but this is Apple’s fault, not Vince’s!

Click here to jump into the discussion, featuring input from the likes of Aaron Ultimo, Mike White, and Nick Cho.

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    30 April

    Vince is a great guy, known him since his old Apple developer days. That said, I’m pretty certain Apple recently introduced being able to gift applications to other iPhone OS users…

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