One Direction May Or May Not Be Opening Themed Cof...

One Direction May Or May Not Be Opening Themed Coffee Bars Worldwide



“The cafés will be very child friendly for younger fans and they’re sure to be stocked up with lots of 1D merchandise,” a source tells the U.K.’s Daily Star. “This could become the lads’ version of Planet Hollywood. That chain was backed by stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger when it launched in 1991.”

The band’s first café will open in Japan with more hopefully popping up around the world in cities like London, Sydney, Berlin and Paris. The cafés will be places for 1D fans to grab coffee and bond over their love for the five singers.

Perez Hilton is predictably beside himself:

We have a feeling Starbucks will have slightly shorter lines once One Direction opens up their string of cafés! Everything the boy band touches is gold, and apparently they’re getting ready to try their luck in the coffee business!

Picture this, a 1D-themed café decked out in their memorabilia where Directioners can grab a cup of Harry joe and discuss their love for the guys with other Directioners!

Kinda sounds like heaven for 1D fans!


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But like the dusk lark’s song giving way to the night, even the sweetest moments succumb to darkness. Something called reached out to 1D’s rep, who has sadly denied the whole thing.

We got in contact with One Direction’s representatives, and they told us: “This story is untrue. There are no plans to open 1D Coffee shops currently.”

Oh man, we were already imagining a Louis Latte (with extra cream) followed by a bite of Niall’s muffin all finished off with a nice filled bun courtesy of Harry.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.28.47 AM

But wait! The plot thickens like a lock of coiffed, be-gel’d, post-pubescent boy hair. Japan Daily Press reports that not only are the 1D cafes real, they’ve announced Tokyo as their first cafe location. There’s even a projected opening month.

First came the music, then the concerts, movie documentaries and awards show appearances. What’s next for British boy band One Direction? Logically, it would be to open their very own cafe chain, right? That’s exactly what the massively popular lads are doing, and they chose Tokyo, Japan to be their very first branch this February.

The popularity of the boys in pop-crazy Japan reached fever pitch during their world tour last year, and so they decided that their first cafe should be in the populous Shibuya district in Tokyo. Aside from food of course, the cafes will contain memorabilia and merchandise which will probably include the already existing dolls, fashion items, mugs, toothbrushes etc. If you want your house to look like a “Directioner” shrine, then that might actually become a possibility soon. Aside from the Japan branch, they are also set to open others in Berlin, London, New York, Paris and Sydney.

So like, is it really real? Or just a fake-out? Will there someday be One Direction cafes for us to make fun of/lust after/roll our eyes regarding? Truly, whoocs. In the meantime, while this story is developing (much like the lads themselves), you can pass your precious time by diving in to the lively world of One Direction cafe fan fiction.

“Relationships will arise, tears will be shed, lies will be told, hearts will be broken, but will Harry and the girl at the coffee shop be alright in the end?”




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