If a barista falls in South Central, will any blog...

If a barista falls in South Central, will any blogger care?

The SCRBC is scheduled to begin today in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, the official United States Barista Championship web site hasn’t updated their schedules. The web site reads “Please continue to check back for more updated event information as it becomes available”.

Host Sponsor Cuvee Coffee’s online blog lacks any significant information. Caffé Medici’s online blog is also silent.

The vibrant online forum Coffeed has a thread about the event which hasn’t been active since December 1, and features no new commentary. Twitter is similarly barren. editors must ask: has cowboy coffee gone the way of the buffalo? Is this event actually happening?

UPDATE: The SCAA Facebook “fan page” was updated yesterday, January 6 at 9:16AM: “The SCRBC is TOMORROW in Austin Texas-are you going?” 26 hours later, there have been 0 comments and/or “likes”. The official United States Barista Championship SCRBC schedules have been posted.



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  5. Joe Marrocc

    7 January

    On behalf of all of us in the midwest region, good luck to you all in south central!!

  6. Marcus Boni

    7 January

    Both schedules are now posted, apologies for the delay! We’ve been adding baristas to the schedule since last evening due to some last minute registrations. We will make sure to add incomplete schedules in the future as folks come on board for advance notice to the blogging world. Always feel free to reach out to me directly as well. Almost double the competitors as last year, yes this event is definitely happening!

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