I Fought The Law and The Law Bunn: “Cop Coff...

I Fought The Law and The Law Bunn: “Cop Coffee” Goes Nationwide

Look at these guys.

We’re not making this up.

What started out as a move to save the town’s 113-year-old bakery has transformed this group of police officers into innovative entrepreneurs.

Now, the Clare-based Cops and Doughnuts bakery has teamed up with Tennessee grocer to offer its Cops Coffee nationwide.Union City, Tenn.-based E.W. James and Sons will be the first grocer in the country to offer Cops Coffee — a blend that’s been selling out of the Clare bakery just as quickly as the doughnuts.

WNEM – Police Bakery To Sell ‘Cops Coffee’ Nationwide

  1. Cory

    30 May

    Look at those guys.

  2. sprudge

    29 May

    Will do!

  3. Name Ryno

    29 May

    Yes this is a true story. Think about it. Cops & Doughnuts, Cops & Coffee, Coffee & Doughnuts. It all goes together and it is available for nationwide distribution. Enjoy

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