Huge Latte Art Exhibition Happening At SCAA Boston...

Huge Latte Art Exhibition Happening At SCAA Boston!


Hiya, I’m Buzzy the Bean! I’ll be buzzing around the upcoming SCAA Event in Boston, April 11th-14th. When you see me, say hi, and be sure to pose for a picture!

Today I’m really buzzing about this brand new event: The Latte Art Exhibition! In this competition, my brothers and sisters will all be ground up and served in lattes – big beautiful lattes – but fortunately for Buzzy, my life has been spared by the Editors at I guess they think I’m a bean worth hiring instead of a bean worth bludgeoning.

The Latte Art Exhibition is kind of a pilot program for sending a US representative to the annual World Latte Art Competition, hosted by the gang at World Coffee Events. Right now Americans don’t have much of a presence at that event, but the folks behind this event want that to change. Lotsa folks are sponsoring this shindig, including Dalla Corte North America, Prima Coffee, Mahlkonig, Urnex, Espresso Parts, Cuvee Coffee, Avoca Coffee, and Cafe Mystique. These companies may be actively involved in murdering my bean brethren, but gosh if they aren’t throwing a great event for all you nice folks to get involved in!

Let’s learn more from the biggest bean killers of them all, the SCAA:

Similar to World Latte Art, baristas will be judged based on visual attributes, creativity, identical patterns in the pairs, contrast in patterns, and overall performance. The Latte Art Exhibition highlights artistic expression in a platform that challenges the barista in an on-demand performance.


You can do better than that! This would be a most dishonorable death.

For the preliminary round of the exhibition, baristas will go head to head in a 64-person single elimination throwdown with the judges calling for one of three basic latte art designs. The top 32 will move on to the second round where they will be asked produce a single creative latte pattern during their 10 minute practice (they can pour as many lattes during that 10 minute period) then move to the main stage to create two identical free-pour lattes based on that design. The judges will score this round and the top 8 competitors qualify for the final round. In the finals the baristas will be asked to create two identical free-pour macchiatos, two identical free-pour cappuccinos and two identical free-pour lattes in a ten-minute routine. The top-scoring barista in the final round will be declared the winner.


Imagine if this was your final resting place? An eternity of shame awaits you!

Holy frijoles! Check out these sweet prizes!

Grand Prize: A Dalla Corte espresso machine and a home barista set up (knock box, pitchers, shot glasses, tamp mat) from Prima Coffee.

The top three competitors will win a Prima Tamp as well!

Competition Days: 
Thursday April 11, Friday April 12, Saturday April 13

Competition Times:
Thursday: 11am – 12pm & 2pm – 3pm
Friday: 11am – 12pm & 3pm – 4pm
Saturday: 10am – 12pm Finals & Awards

Best of all, this competition is happening right in the beating heart of the Activities Hall during SCAA Event weekend – a veritable abattoir of merciless bean mutilation, but that’s no big deal for your ol’ pal Buzzy! I’m safe so long as the Sprudge guys need me to keep cranking out content. Good thing you read this website! You’re keeping me alive!

Register to compete here. Entry costs just $25, and will benefit Sustainable Harvest’s Roya Recovery Project. For more info, email head honcho Patrick Burns at

Buzzy the Bean is an oversized humanoid coffee bean, gifted with the ability to both read and write the English language. Watch for his coverage of exciting happenings leading up to the 2013 SCAA Event in Boston, April 11th-14th.




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