Huffington Post: Schlub’s Schtick Shuns Schu...

Huffington Post: Schlub’s Schtick Shuns Schultz

Read Yisrael Campbell’s newest column at the Huffington Post. Or just read the first two paragraphs. Maybe? Andrew Brewtbart is going to very upset with us for running this…

We’d like to formally pre-invite Mr. Campbell to the first annual “Jews In Coffee” cocktail hour at next year’s USBC 2011, in Houston “At Least It’s Not Pittsburgh” Texas. Your lead writer Jordan Michelman will be organizing the festivities, which will include a nice pre-drink schvitz at the health club, a kosher cocktail tasting, and a full recitation of the “Spanish Inquisition” number from Mel Brook’s “History of The World Part 1”.

“I have to give you a new lid…Starbucks policy.” Immediately, in my mind I blame that little old lady that burned herself with McDonald’s coffee and then promptly sued for about a billion bucks.I hate waste. So I challenge her.

“If I brought my own cup you wouldn’t put a lid on it right? So it is possible for the cup to pass from the realm of the barista to the realm of the payista without a lid?” I smile as if I were Solicitor General Elana Kagan arguing before the Supreme Court or am I smiling like Justice Kagan listening to the new Solicitor General arguing before the court while thinking “been there done that?” Either way, I’m smiling because I am sure that I have convinced her that she doesn’t need to put on a new lid.

She smiles up at me and says “Swine Flu.” Ahhhhhhhh.

What’s Wrong With Starbucks Is Also What’s Wrong With America


  1. Name Luke Ravenstahl

    13 May

    And how many Houstonites visited you in Amsterdam on opening day?

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