Guy Fieri’s New Line Of K-Cups Is Everywhere...

Guy Fieri’s New Line Of K-Cups Is Everywhere You Want To Be


Have you heard of Guy Fieri’s new line of K-Cup single serve coffee capsules? It’s happening, baby. Guy Fieri, the Food Network celebrity chef, restauranteur, and blonde-tipped game show host is branching out to the world of single-serve coffee products, and doing it with his signature sunglasses ON THE BACK OF THE HEAD style.


Mr. Fieri’s line of products appeals to the coffee lovers the world over who prefer something a little more exotic, yet still down-home, and without taking itself too seriously. We’re talking Hot Fudge Brownie, Hazelnut Cinnamon Roll, and Chocolate Mint, to name a few. SFWeekly captured some of the glorious descriptions of the flavors his K-Cup multipack box offers:

Bananas Foster: Sweet banana, caramelized sugar and cinnamon flavors — brings me back to my days as a flambé captain!

Caramel Apple Bread Pudding: All the flavor from my righteous Caramel Apple Bread Pudding stuffed into your mug.

Chocolate Mint: The rich and creamy taste of chocolate and cool, fresh mint is perfect any time of year.

Guy’s American Diner Blend: One thing you know about a diner is that they’ve got a great cup o’ joe…so here you go!

Hazelnut Cinnamon Roll: Toasted hazelnut and big cinnamon flavors make this brew dessert in a mug.

Hot Fudge Brownie: My chocolate on chocolate Hot Fudge Brownie coffee comes to you straight from Flavortown!

Redwood Roast: Big, bold and strong like the mighty redwoods, this French roast will get your engine started.

Unleaded Decaf: Full of rich medium roast flavor, just packin’ a little less horsepower.

These tasting notes have taken us to Flavortown.


A sixteen-pack assortment of his coffees will set you back $12.95 on Amazon. That’s about 81 cents a cup. To compare, a $14 bag of whole bean coffee at your favorite speciality roaster is 64 cents a cup. Guy Fieri’s coffee is equivalent to a $20 bag of 12oz coffee. You can get some pretty damn fine coffee for $20, just saying.

Here’s some future blend concepts we recommend for Guy:

Sweet N’ Sticky Cotton Candy Sugar Glop: Scoop up the sweetness and pile on the insanity! This roller coaster of a flavor will take you up and bring you down before it loop-de-loops you into a full-throttle sugar freakout!

Old Skool Naw’leans Chicory Chaw Chew: This is a Big Daddy blend, with notes of chewing tobacco and digested sugar, meant to evoke Bourbon Street drying out on a hot summer day. Now that’s one big and easy cuppa!

Down Home Cowboy Mud Coffee: A coffee that tastes like it was cooked over a campfire and filtered through a sweaty sock. It’ll pack a wollop and have you beggin’ for more!

“Just Spicy Enough” Chipotle Lemongrass Curry Coffee: This futuristic fusion blend smashes the taste of Thai street food with the authentico flavors of Old Mexico.

Ooey Gooey Brown Sugar & Real Vermont Maple Oatmeal Slop: Wake up with a bowl full of hearty coffee? You betcha, with this oatmeal flavored blend that’ll really stick to yer ribs.

Bitchin’ Kitchen Donkey Sauce Blend: Designed to perk up even the most burned out chef at closing time, featuring dehydrated flavor crystals chemically derived from Guy’s Signature Donkey Sauce.

Jamaica Me Crazy Hazelnut Jerk: Whoo, that’s spicy! Whoa, that’s nutty! Who you callin’ a jerk now?

The Pete Wells Rhetorical Question Big Apple Delight: Are you into coffee? Do you love reading or writing several thousand words worth of snark in a restaurant review? Are you kind of just above it all? Does the idea of drinking a Guy Fieri K-Cup repulse you? How do you feel about cinnamon, spice, and plenty of dehydrated apple powder? Is this the blend for you?




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