MugWatch: Get Mugged! Or, Your Mama’s So Mug...

MugWatch: Get Mugged! Or, Your Mama’s So Mugly…

Coffee mugs: could they get more whimsical? The folks over at Incredible Things certainly think so. Normally the internet’s premiere blog for slutty dog costumes and flasks that look like shampoo bottles, IT took some time to write up this beautiful concept mug designed by college student Tiago Goncalves.

Retro video game mugs! So quirky! Meanwhile over at, the website that forces you to sign up to view its content then bombards your inbox with multiple e-mails a day, we found a wacky set of mugs with hidden animals inside. Could it be the perfect signature beverage vessel for barista competitions? Imagine the surprise on your judges face when that monstrous white spider reveals itself beneath the foam! Boom! Top notch copy provided by

Nothing gives you a jolt in the morning like that first cup of joe—that is, until you discover a creature living at the bottom of your cup! Make breakfast interesting for your overnight guests, or if you don’t have any, let the sea otter, octopus, crocodile, and lobster at the bottom of Creature Cups keep you company.

Designed by Yumi Yumi:

Hi, I’m Yumi, a Brooklyn-based artist and coffee drinker. I’ve had these little creatures crawling around in my head for years just trying to get out. I didn’t know where they were trying to go until one day they told me—your coffee!

Eww Yumi Yumi, that’s gross! Hidden creature mugs now on sale at, which you have to sign up for to view this content, an action we do not recommend.




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