Frothy Gossip: Big Wheel Third Wave Roasting Compa...

Frothy Gossip: Big Wheel Third Wave Roasting Company In Talks With Coca-Cola?

Our 24-hour SprudgeTips Hotline – +1 (567) CRINKLY – has been ringing off the hook over the last three days. Our inbox is overflowing. Why? The source of all this chatter, this throbbing piece of juicy gossip, is that a rather large, prominent roasting company in the USA is being conditioned and groomed for a good old fashioned American global corporate takeover.

The corporation? Coca-Cola.

After last year’s Alterra / Mars buyout, this kind of news isn’t quite a surprise. We’ve heard that Coke wants to do for coffee what they did for juice with their Odwalla buyout in the late 90s.

This is sure to be one of the many hush-hush stories circling the showroom floor at next week’s SCAA in Houston. FROTHY!


  1. Gabe Boscana

    25 April

    There’s other prominent coffee roasters, and some that would call themselves or would have Coca-Cola classify them as third wave. There is a big giant world out there that actually exists outside our tiny microcosm of specialty-boutique coffee. they’re weirdos, but can tell a good story!

  2. jason d

    25 April

    (And for the record, my guess was sarcastic. Don’t think I made that clear. I don’t care either way. I like Coke.)

  3. intelli for sure

    24 April

    Intelli for sure. I know Doug Zell likes Diet Coke.

  4. jason d

    24 April

    I wouldn’t classify Green Mountain as a third wave roasting company. My guess would be Intelly or Counter Culture.

  5. Paula

    24 April

    is Green mountain?

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