Update! “New Edition” On Extra Special...

Update! “New Edition” On Extra Specialty Coffee

This just in!

We just happened upon the latest episode of the French chat-show “New Edition”, and it features New York Time’s Oliver Strand, the many hunky dreamboats of Frog Fight, outrageous outfits and questionable latte art pours in a big five-minute piece about the burgeoning extra-specialty coffee scene in Paris. But honestly, we can’t really tell if they love it, hate it, are amused by it or afraid of it.

Could someone please translate this for us? [Update! See the comments below!]

The folks at “New Edition” are dismayed over Oliver Strand’s Parisian coffee piece. The guy with the crazy outfit doesn’t seem to think highly of baristas, either.

Thomas Lehoux, Barista and organizer of Frog Fights is an uber-French certified Sprudge magnifique hunk.

That mustache! 

Thomas! You’re so serious!

But wait! Don’t look now! Is that former murky coffee employee David Flynn? Why yes it is! Sporting another magnifique mustache!

Well that was fun. But seriously, we’d love a rough translation. Did the talking heads seem to take kindly to this new movement or is it another After receiving our translations, seems like this was a French Kathy Lee and Hoda Do Seattle kind of a thing.

Speaking of mustaches, have y’all seen SCAA man-about-town Marcus Boni’s new look?

We give it two snaps and a triple rosetta.



  1. L & NC

    24 November

    We received an email from Nicolas Clerc who provided us this rough translation. We cleaned it up a bit and paraphrased here and there. And ooh! Another translation is available below!

    At the beginning they give interesting numbers: billons of coffee cups consumed worldwide, lots put sugar in it, blah blah blah…the introduction kinda sucks. But then, they talk about George Clooney, and one of the speakers complains they’ve never met him. Then they chat about Oliver’s article.

    The very smarmy looking guy has advice for Oliver: “stay home”.

    Then the blonde says that baristas are to coffee what sommeliers are to wine…and again the smart guy laughs at this.

    Then they laugh and laugh again.

    The next segment begins featuring Thomas!

    They give numbers, like how many months coffee is roasted before being served in Paris cafés (around six!)…then Thomas asks for her phone number, she says that she’s moved by his moustache. He jokes it took years to get there. She say she has the same problem growing her hair. So French!

    Then they go back to GC, but it’s technical talks, like differences between Nespresso capsules and specialty coffee (edgy!) Followed by latte art talks, blah blah blah, she likes lattes in the morning, Thomas does too…blah blah blah…

    Back to the show, the smarmy guy’s upset by what he saw and ask if Thomas has bad coffee breath. She laughs!

    Then they show a cupping and talk about removing the coffee before tasting. The smarmy guy compares cupping to Turkish coffee and that’s it.

  2. Baptiste Kreyder

    24 November

    Quick (and rough) Translation of the TV show :


    The show itself is just before the prime time movie on a
    paying, indie TV Channel “Canal+”. It’s quite a funny show, watched by a lot of
    people. And the man in the funny outfit, Ariel Wizman, is known for being
    extravagant and slightly arrogant as well…


    In the turbulent launch of her subject, the blond girl does
    a couple of references to George Clooney [FYI Nespresso is BIG in France].

    0’25”      “ so when you think of
    coffee, you think of plastic cup, sock juice, would you have 10 cents for
    the coffee machine? […]”

    0’42”      (Ariel)“Has the piano
    finally landed on his [George Clooney’s] head ?”


    1’00”      “the NY Times was
    reading lately Why is coffee in Paris so bad ?”


    1’15”      “that might be because
    we’ve started getting used to bad coffee…and that’s not good. And that is
    specifically what a small group of barista are battling. Baristas are like
    sommeliers for coffee…


    1’45”      “They’re trying to teach
    us how to appreciate coffee another way, by organising tastings and


    2’07”      START OF THE FOOTAGE
    “Worldwide, 6 million different coffees are produced. On Paris’s bars, we are
    only served bad coffee. WHAT ARE YOU DOING GEORGE ? I’m tired of waiting, so
    I’m just gonna have a look at the end of this lane [going towards Le Bal Café],
    where another good looking dark-haired guy might be able to serve me a good cup
    of coffee. Let’s see…”


    2’30”      “So what’s happening
    here tonight ?

    -Tonight is Frog Fight evening, where the idea is to drink and appreciate
    coffee a bit like we would do for wine. Being a is a bit like being a
    sommelier, but in coffee.

    – So why are we served such bad coffee in restaurants and bars ?

    – Basically, when you order a
    coffee at your corner bar, the coffee has been roasted at least 6 months ago,
    it’s been in the grinder for at least 2 weeks, and was ground a couple of days
    ago. All that makes it impossible to end up with a drinkable cup of coffee.
    What is weird is that when served a bad glass of wine, anyone would send it
    back, but not with a bad cup of coffee.”

    3’15”      “I though making a cup
    of coffee was much simpler. In the ad with George, he just puts a pod in the
    machine, pours water, looks handsome, and… coffee is good, right ?

    -Oh yeah for sure he’s handsome, we works for a big company, but that’s about
    it. We don’t do the same job. That is like “fast food” adapted to coffee.

    3’32”      “Personally, I like my
    coffee long, with plenty of milk. I think milk is going to a topic of tonight
    event ?

    -The second part of the evening
    is a friendly Latte art challenge.

    3’50”      – So, Thomas, what is
    Latte Art ?

    -well it’s the “art” of mixing
    the milk into the coffee, and doing so creating patterns, only by pouring, with
    no etching. That is sort of the geeky part of our job, the cherry on the cake.
    That is not at all what the whole Barista Job is about…

    -Just to show off, yeah ?

    -yeah a bit, that’s the
    commercial side of the job. When you prepare a cappuccino, and do it well, it’s
    quite nice to have some latte art on it (visually but also the taste…)


    4’30”      [back on set] (Ariel)
    “Magnifique ! We were wrong being cautious.”

    [Blah Blah…]


    4’50”      “There are several cafes
    that organise these Frog Fight, and that is happening every first Thursday of
    the Month.”

    5’00”      [another footage, this time
    from a cupping session at Café Lomi]

    That is Turkish coffee, yeah ?

    Aren’t there any brawls at the end because they
    end up being so nervous…

    5’30”      “I would just like to
    add one very last thing. Buying coffee in beans and grinding it yourself -which
    is a real solution to make some good coffee- doesn’t cost more.


  3. Nicholas Cho

    24 November


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