Forecast Coffee Company is a new coffee brand out of Bellingham, Washington that is putting a spotlight on climate change and ecological farming practices. “We are on a mission to fight climate change and share beautiful coffees from sustainably-minded farms practicing agroforestry and regenerative farming,” the team at Forecast said during the September launch, “we believe that small steps can inspire big change, and we invite you to take the journey with us toward a better planet.”

“To make a truly lasting impact, we give 5% of our profits to planting trees and growing agroforestry programs in Africa,” Forecast said in a social media post, “This supports a better climate, improves biodiversity, and strengthens communities. Together with our partners, we’ve planted over 4,000 trees and we’re just getting started!”

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Forecast Coffee is a new brand that’s operated by Tony’s Coffee, who launched microroastery Camber Coffee in 2016. Forecast Coffee has four offerings and a seasonal blend—Cloudberry, Pedal Pusher, Yonder, a decaf blend called Clouds Rest, and a limited Frostline with coffee from Peru, Timor, and Ethiopia.

The bags are printed on Biotre with bright, beautiful colors and bold type. Flavor notes are kept to a minimum and there’s a simple roast meter. The sides and back are reserved for much more information about the brand, brew parameters, and climate change efforts.

We had an opportunity to speak with Director of Marketing Cheriss Faiola digitally to learn more.

Tell us about yourself and how you got started with Tony’s!

I started with Tony’s back in December 2020 and I head up the Marketing initiatives for Tony’s Coffee, and now Forecast. I love everything about the PNW—the great coffee, endless hiking/biking trails, many lakes to paddle on, and even the rainy days!

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When did Forecast start to take shape?

We first started laying the groundwork in early 2018. By 2019, we had landed on the name and created the first (of many) packaging mock-ups. Then the pandemic hit and we had to put everything on hold for a bit.

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Tell us a bit about Forecast’s take on coffee.

We source coffees from farmers who are on the forefront of agroforestry and regenerative farming, and who produce beautifully balanced coffees. From a roasting perspective, we work to highlight the inherent sweetness of our coffees.

Our offerings include Cloudberry, a Honduras/Ethiopia blend which is fittingly named after the fruit bush that’s native to the PNW. Pedal Pusher is a sweet, chocolaty Guatemala/Honduras blend formulated for espresso. Frostline is a seasonal blend that offers nicely balanced fruit and spice notes, and features coffees from Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Timor.

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Who is Forecast for?

Anyone who loves coffee and cares about farming communities, soil health, pollinators, biodiversity, and the future of our planet.

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Tell us about the design—who designed it?

The packaging is designed by the inimitable Cameron Jennings, featuring art from beloved Bellingham artist Sarah Finger of Skyline Printworks. Our website was also designed by Cameron, featuring illustrations by Brittany Schade.

Where is Forecast available?

The list is rapidly growing, but as of now, nearly 400 Sprouts Farmers Market locations, as well as PNW retailers such as PCC and Met Market. Our inaugural cafe partner is Roam Coffee + Beer, a darling neighborhood cafe from the folks at Wander Brewing.

Thank you!

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