Will Sarah Palin Get Coffee From Elvis At The Moch...

Will Sarah Palin Get Coffee From Elvis At The Mocha Moose?


Sarah Palin had both the mainstream media and modern day Elvis conspiracy theorists buzzing yesterday after a bombshell tweet stating that not only was she was having coffee with the King this week, but that he’s a barista at the Mocha Moose in Wasilla!


Palin’s tweet was a in response to the Washington Post’s whoopsy-journalism, reporting Sarah Palin signed up with Al Jazeera. WaPo journalist Suzy Parker picked up and ran with information from a parody news site the Daily Currant.

Elvis and Sarah Palin at the Moose?

Elvis and Sarah Palin at the Moose?

While we can confirm that Elvis does not work at the Mocha Moose in Wasilla (we called, asked, and then quickly hung up), we can verify that the Mocha Moose is very real and a longtime supporter of the former vice presidential candidate and former Fox News correspondent.

Known for “the best Moose Shakes in the Valley”, they’ve been a family-owned business since 1993. Mocha Moose “have been named best espresso and coffee in Matanuska Valley“:

The reason we have been blessed with these awards is because are dedication to the customer.  Every time you come in you will be treated like family and we are always here to help local charities and sports. We have 8 different roast of beans that we carry and if these are not to your liking, email us and talk to our master roaster and he can help you find the type of roast that suits you.

The Moose sells a number of Sarah Palin related items, including apparel and stickers, and according to one Yelp reviewer, “country-shtick knick-knacks and walls and shelves filled with ‘mementos’.”

While they won us over at “Moose Shake”, according to a Yahoo reviewer, their “mooseChino” is also a must-have. Have you been to the Moose? E-mail us with your thoughts at




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