I Would Brew 4 U: Does Prince Take Soy Creamer Wit...

I Would Brew 4 U: Does Prince Take Soy Creamer With His Coffee?


Does Prince drink coffee with soy creamer? Act your age, not your screen size.

Prince's fridge. (The Heavy Table)

Prince’s fridge. (The Heavy Table)

The Heavy Table is a Twin Cities-based food and drink blog with some serious access. Back in 2011 they were granted an exceedingly rare chance to interview Prince on his foodstuffs, as part of their “What’s In ____’s Fridge” feature series. The one caveat? No photographs, but they were allowed to bring an illustrator. Yak’s milk, microgreens, several kinds of mustard, and a case of Dunkeroos were found. The strange and the mundane, side by side in the Purple One’s fridge, but most fascinating of all was the discovery of some coffee creamer – a soy-based coffee creamer. Here’s what Prince had to say about it:

“No cows were oppressed 2 make this righteous creamy creamer, U know? It’s really good! In coffee or whatever.”

Does this mean Prince takes his coffee with soy cream? Why not yak’s milk? And is it really SOY cream he’s signing about in his seminal 1991 single, “Cream”?  It wouldn’t come as a “Shockadelica” to us. And though we now know that the man’s private soy is his “Private Joy”, there’s still no word on what coffee he’s brewing up. We suggest he get his hands on some Honduras Finca El Puente, known to many coffee enthusiasts as “The Purple Princess.” Let the flavors match the man.

What’s In Prince’s Fridge? – The Heavy Table, 2011





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