Crime Briefs: Sir, Your Underpants Are Not A Hat

Crime Briefs: Sir, Your Underpants Are Not A Hat

So this happened:

Fruitland, Idaho is a 4,000 person town on the Southwestern Idaho / Eastern Oregon border. Big Star Coffee ain’t got a website, but they do have this Facebook. On said Facebook the folks at Big Star seem to have a sense of humor about the whole thing:

This “gentleman” broke into the Whitley Fruitland Big Star Coffee location on Tuesday morning at 4:30 am with an accomplice. They were not able to make off with much, but he is wearing dirty underwear on his head! I hope that the money that he stole will allow him to buy some clean underwear!! If you have any leads please call The Fruitland Police Department!

There’s a cute picture on their Facebook with a buncha 16 year olds hanging out inside the cafe, which is cool, and it looks like they have some nice couches and stuff. We bet it’s great to have a cafe that doesn’t suck when you’re growing up in Fruitland. Their roaster is these guys, Full Circle Exchange, who are very into Fair Trade and organic practices, to the point of trademarking a catch-phrase about it: “To Promote Justice and Cultivate Good”™.

Here’s hoping that the FPD catches these guys, Big Star gets their $500 back, and the local newsers at KREM Channel 2 [Spokane CBS] come through with some awesome mug shots for future Schmuck of the Weeking.

(Sourced by Shot Sipper @keatonviolet)



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