coffee-uncut is the proud publishing house behind “Coffee Uncut”, Alexandra Littlejohn’s wildly popular global podcast zeitgeist, which has ranked as high as #5 internationally in the iTunes “Food” section, besting other ‘casts by folks like Martha Stewart, NPR, and the New York Times.

In this episode, Alex chats with Sarah Leslie (Gimme Coffee, Ithica, NY), Julia Barber (Reg Barber Enterprises, Victoria, BC) and Shannon Steele (Passion House Coffee, Chicago, IL) about being a woman in the specialty coffee industry. Their free-wheeling conversation might make you laugh, blush, or yell at your car radio in equal measure.

By no means is this the end-all be-all audio document on the issue of gender in specialty coffee. Rather, this episode of “Coffee Uncut” is an unflinching, candid hour that captures four very particular experiences and opinions, and represents just one facet of the wider ongoing dialogue – both private and public – about the role gender plays in the high-end coffee world. Our guess is that you’ll want to sound off after this one, so the comments on this post are open.ย 

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