Coffee Schmuck of the Week: The Biggest Jerk In Ea...

Coffee Schmuck of the Week: The Biggest Jerk In Eastern Washington

This Might Be Sweet Beans, They Kind Of All Look The Same.

From eastern side of Washington State, the South of the Northwest, we bring you this sad tale of incongruous disappointment, transient frustration, and car-bumper jumping. Ahh, the Tri-Cities… where Blue Collar America meets Frasier Crane (to give him a noogie).

Jayson Carmickle, 26, was angry with the baristas at Sweet Beans, a Richland coffee shop, on Friday morning.

According to a police report, Carmickle, described as a transient, did not agree with the barista’s decision to adorn the lid of his coffee cup with a chocolate-covered coffee bean.

Carmickle argued with the employee, got his money back and left.

But apparently Carmickle was so incensed over the bonus bean that he returned minutes later, yelled at employees, banged on the coffee shop’s windows and jumped on the bumper of a customer’s car.

?Congratulations, Jayson Carmickle, you’re the LAST Schmuck of the Week for 2010. Quite an honor, schmuck!


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