Coffee Schmuck Of The Week: Meth And Taxes

Coffee Schmuck Of The Week: Meth And Taxes

Meet Craig Benedict, a man accused of spiking a coffee pot with methamphetamine at a Billings, Montana tax prep center. This outlandish tale of schmuckery comes to us from, serving Great Falls and the rest of Northern Montana:

Craig Benedict, accused of spiking a coffeepot with methamphetamine at a Billings tax prep business, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday morning. Benedict, 34, entered his plea in Yellowstone District Court on a felony charge of criminal endangerment.Benedict allegedly laced the coffee at Laser 1040 with half a gram of methamphetamine earlier this month. Police estimate that up to a dozen people consumed the meth-laced coffee.

But the disturbing details don’t end there! According to the authoritative coverage from KRTV, Benedict was actually an employee of Laser 1040, the tax prep store where the meth’d out coffee was served. Even more bizarre, Mr. Benedict is actually the son of Laser 1040’s owner, and one of the dozen-some employees affected by the tweaky brew was herself a recovering meth addict. All of which leads us to caution our readers in the Billings area: if your tax prep place returns your filing to you super-quick, with every last detail perfectly filled out, just back away calmly, count your return from the safety of your home, and do not drink the office coffee.



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