The 14 Best Coffee Baby Names For 2014 (And Their ...

The 14 Best Coffee Baby Names For 2014 (And Their Meanings)


Here are the best coffee baby names for 2014 and their meanings. Your child will be the star of the classroom with any of these names. Boy or girl? Doesn’t matter.

14. Peet

Name your child after the founder of Peet’s Coffee, Alfred Peet. Peet has Dutch roots, a nickname for “Godfather,” “Godmother,” or “Godson.”

Nicknames: Peety, Peeta, Pee-face

13. Kaldi

Kaldi, the Ethiopian goat herder who, legend has it, discovered the coffee plant. Also a popular chain of cafes in Missouri. 

Nicknames: Kal, Kally, Didi

12. Peaberry

“Who’s a little peaberry? You are!” Can you just imagine? Coffee cherries typically have two flat seeds – but about five percent have one oval seed. You’re really saying that your baby is unique, round, and difficult to roast.

Nicknames: Pea, Bee-Bee, Weeberry

11. Cheméx

Now here’s a name that’s sure to get attention. Named after the iconic mid-century modern coffee brewer. Pronounced “sha-may.”

Nicknames: Che

10. Blossom

While many might immediately assume that your child’s namesake belongs to the quirky early 90s character played by Mayim Bialik, those “in the know” will understand that Blossom is for Blossom Coffee Brewers, the enterprising start-up from San Francisco that just partnered with UNIC.

9. Ristretto

A short shot, a New York Times column, a perfect child’s name.

Nicknames: Rizzo, Stretto

8. Cortado

A little butch to be sure. It means “cut” in Spanish—but still a perennial favorite for fans of coffee and milk (which we assume your baby will be!)

Nicknames: Cort, Corty

7. Harvest

We’re pretty sure that while sitting in Portland cafes, we’ve already heard at least one parent call this out to their child. Truly, a beautiful name that honors our earth mother’s moods, and the unique, seasonal products that come from them.

Nicknames: Harvey

6. Maillard

This melodious name is one for all the serious roaster nerds out there — Maillard reactions are one of the primary processes going on as green coffee is roasted, and are crucial to creating some of coffees more complex and volatile flavors.

Nicknames: May, Mally.

5. Eugenioides

Coffea eugenioides was one of the original “mother plants” that created the wondrous Coffea arabica we all know and love. What world-changing creations will your child mother and/or father?

Nicknames: Gene, Genie, Neo

4. Tryer



A confident, bold, and inspirational name. In coffee, the tryer is a device that connects the drum of the roaster, the coffee, and the roaster operator.

Nicknames: Try, T-Man

3. Linea

The La Marzocco Linea is often a barista’s first introduction to coffee and holds a special place in the hearts of many, just like your little bundle of frothy cuteness will hold in yours. Plus it’ll probably get them free coffee for life at Andrew Barnett’s excellent SF cafe of the same name.

Nicknames: Lin, Linny

2. Gesha

An elegant, refined name — much like the extraordinary cups produced by this world-renowned variety of coffee.

Nicknames: Gesh, Shasha, Geshy

1. Gold Cup

A distinguished name for a baby, and quite the standard to live up to. The SCAA Golden Cup Award “is a testament to skill in preparation as well as equipment management, two important elements towards delivering a perfect cup.” It’s also the name of Curtis’ highly-advanced single cup brewer.

Nicknames: Goldy, Cupper, Cup




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