Pull-A-Shot: Specialty Coffee’s Bohemian Gro...

Pull-A-Shot: Specialty Coffee’s Bohemian Grove?

Remote location, secret handshakes, bizarre rituals, power players: Is Camp Pull-A-Shot specialty coffee’s Bohemian Grove? Only dares to ask these and other bold questions, all of which we’ll uncover when we attend next week’s annual BGA encampment. We’re clenching with excitement.

Writer and journalist William Henry Irwin once said of Camp Pull-A-Shot:

You come upon it suddenly. One step and its glory is over you. There is no perspective; you cannot get far enough away from one of the trees to see it as a whole. There they stand, a world of height above you, their pinnacles hidden by their topmost fringes of branches or lost in the sky.

Richard Nixon, who freqeunted the Owls’ Howl Nest encampment in the 1960s, and attended several “Crema of Care” rituals prior to becoming Eisenhower’s Vice President, famously once said: “Camp Pull-A-Shot, which I attend from time to time . . . It is the most nerdy goddamned thing you could ever imagine with that BGA crowd. I can’t shake hands with anybody from the BGA.”

Other famous attendees are rumored to include Dick Cheney, Frank M. Folsom, Herbert Hoover, Mark Twain and Howard Schultz. Prepare for our bold investigative reporting to pierce the veil of secrecy in just one week’s time.


  1. @thesticksooke

    17 October

    Howard Schultz?  The creator of Peanuts?  Wow, heady crowd.

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