Cafe Con Blech-che: The “Milk” Of WBC ...

Cafe Con Blech-che: The “Milk” Of WBC 2011

The milk situation at WBC2011 leaves much to be desired. Por ejemplo: this “Megalitro” of opaque, floppy, potato chip bagged milk product, foaming up super weird at 8,600 feet. There are a total of three milks available, including this UHT sack, a tetra pack, and one fresh milk “that doesn’t taste like eggs and death”, according to James Hoffmann.

It seems everyone backstage is using the fresh milk, which tastes great but steams up terribly. This may explain why all of the baristas are pouring at the judge’s table, so as to compensate for a rapidly degrading milk foam and big, ugly bubbles.



  1. Jay C.

    8 June

    As someone who regularly judges in what I affectionately term “The Wilds of the WBC Regions”, Bienvenidos a Mi Mundo (welcome to my world)…

  2. Hugo

    7 June

    Steaming milk at elevation is so very different than at sea level, even with amazing milk. I’m sure these bizarre milk options didn’t help the weirdness.

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