Best In Showroom: Highlights From the SCAA Floor

Best In Showroom: Highlights From the SCAA Floor

A smorgasbord of coffee commerce, a glut of caffeine-induction production, a bumpercrop of international bean juice capitalism: this is the SCAA showroom floor. Every imaginable device and delight, some new, some new to you, plus producers, consumers, shot maestros, champs, chumps, frozen chai vendors, tea mongers, and aphrodisiac peddlers appealing to man’s basest instincts. It was all there, folks, all this and more. We’ll attempt to recap our favorites for you, but make no mistake: a little part of is still there, still wandering the showroom floor, staggering through an unimaginably vast limbo of coffee kit and caboodle until time itself ceases to be.


The Hario Buono 2.0

We all know how Carl Mundy feels about the Buono, but your editors make no jokes about our love for this little beauty. The 2.0 adds that key last step; the Buono bang-for-buck has always been in the spout taper, and now you’ll never have to heat and transfer again. Pretty neat step up from the innovative folks at Hario.

We’ll also go ahead and post pics of Hario’s answer to the Chemex: V60 insert, demonstrably stronger than the competition, and always so lovely on the aesthetic end…

nick cho's mojotogo

Last but not least, take a look at the winner of SCAA’s Best New Product in the Education and Training category, the Extract MojoToGo. This little doozy has already garnered quite a bit of press (, David Walsh, etc), but it was fun to see this product in action at SCAA 2010. In the best hands, it’s a useful tool for simplifying the dial-in process, maximizing quality and efficiency; better chemistry through technology. In the worst hands, it can promote obnoxious critique and evaluation, annoying twitter shout-outs and Marque Prance-style know-it-all-ism. A powerful tool, and deserving winner of this year’s Best New Product in Education and Training award.

Favorite Booths:

The Ladies of Otis Spunkmeyer

You might have expected us to give props to the folks manning up Slayer, WBC, Intelligentsia, Synesso, La Marzocco, or some of the other amazing places to find best-on-the-planet shots at SCAA. But no booth was more important to the survival of than the kind, smiling faces at Otis Spunkmeyer. Your editors stopped by early and often, enjoying chocolate caramel chip, oatmeal raisin, and blueberry crumb muffin morsels that sustained us throughout the weekend. Otis Spunkmeyer, you make a delightful baked good.

Everpure Water

In between spro, cookies, campy and unnecessary fashion videos, and overpriced hotel bar cocktails, at some point we needed sparkling water. So we went to Everpure, and did our best to hydrate…so as to continue in our quest of consuming more shots, more cookies, and more $10 bottles of Heineken.

Most Provocative Booth:

Magic Power Coffee

What to even say about these guys. Their website claims that Magic Power Coffee is “the world’s first fantasy beverage…like someone dropped 2 Viagra in a Starbucks latte.” These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, much less the SCAA. The ingredients packet reads like the back of something you’d buy in a bowling alley bathroom. Their website offers “lucrative home income opportunities” for those interested in making MPC a career choice. Here’s hoping “horny goat weed” shows up as a signature beverage component in next year’s regional competitions. It’s a big, weird coffee world out there, people, and like they told us at the Magic Power Coffee booth, “sometimes you need a cup of coffee to make you feel that Jr. High School feeling all over again”. Or something.



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