Star Wars: How To Make A Bantha Blue Milk Latte

Star Wars: How To Make A Bantha Blue Milk Latte


It is impossible to navigate life without running into a Star Wars tie-in this week. It’s even more impossible to attempt to dial-up the internets without getting bombarded with Star Wars hot takes, spoiler memes, and long reads. But like, whatever, because everyone loves Star Wars.

Coffee will play an important role in the forthcoming Disney/JJ Star Wars films, or so we assume, based on this animated gif of that scrumptious Oscar Isaac sipping on a KeepCup in his X-Wing. We found this on the internet and it looks totally legit:


Gifs aside, coffee isn’t really so much part of the Star Wars canon, despite the best efforts of a kind hearted Jedi master to link the two. Wookieepedia, the excellently named Star Wars wiki, grasps at similar straws to intertwine the topics, telling us only that “Emperor Palpatine owned farms on various planets that provided the beans to produce high quality coffee and vine-coffee, solely for the use of his court.” Some would call this vile villainy; others, direct trade practices from a progressive producer.

Long story short, the new Star Wars gonna prolly have coffee all over it. We only wish Lucas had imbued his love of Starbucks in his terrible OGT Special Editions like we did with this scene with Aunt Beru in A New Hope:


Aunt Beru totally had room for an incredible espresso setup in her ill-fated home. We kitted it out with an R2 Vulcano grinding droid and Linea Mini espresso unit, perhaps built from pod racing scrap. And with that coffee gear, Beru and crew surely would have made lattes with that sweet bantha blue milk.


While its too late for Beru, it’s not too late for you. Make Aunt Beru’s Blue Milk latte with us.

Aunt Beru’s Blue Milk Latte

Bantha milk (or cow’s milk with a drop or two a blue food dye)

An espresso machine
A grinder
Lightsaber for etching (optional)
The force

Pull a shot into a five-to-sixteen ounce pre-heated vessel. Stretch the bantha milk to produce a silky microfoam and pour milk thusly into the espresso:


Top with a delightful flourish of latte art:


Or, maybe pour something that looks more like this. May the force brew with you!




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