Beans To Watch Out For: Stumptown’s Tumticha...

Beans To Watch Out For: Stumptown’s Tumticha Yirgacheffe

Hot For Tumticha

We’re excited to bring you a little bit of inside scoop on a rather titillating coffee for the end of 2010: Stumptown’s Ethiopia Tumticha Yirgacheffe.

Dropping next week  at Stumptown locations in Portland, Seattle and NYC, Tumticha Yirgacheffe is being hailed as the “washed coffee of the year” by none other than Aleco Chigounis, green buyer and Grand Moff for the Stump. The Tumticha Cooperative is a farmer-owned organization, which gives them the ability to sidestep the ECX and sell directly to places like Stumptown. This coffee a classic example of a Yirgacheffe, with a flavor profile some feel have been lacking from Ethiopian coffees since the ECX takeover. Jasmine and honeysuckle on the nose, big bossy red fruits in the cup – currants, raspberries, and a wine grape / lemon balm acidity. Best of all, the ‘Ticha has a super clean finish.

A early sneak preview chance to try Tumticha left little doubt: this is Sprudge’s favorite coffee since the Kenya Kangunu blew our minds last summer. The ‘Ticha is especially bombastic brewed up in a Hario V60. If you’re in the northwest or NYC, hit up the Stump shops to try it for yourself, or order a bag online via the Stumptown web shop.

To quantify just how hot we are for Tumticha, here’s the greatest music video of all time:


  1. Sprudge Editors

    2 November

    hey Gedeo Union folks,

    We had a chance to talk to some of our green buying experts about Tumticha. They told us that the answer to your question is a little complicated…

    Tumticha is *definitely* a product from the Gedeo Union, and it offers a lovely example of your region’s coffee. However, lot buying and separation between buyers is an on-the-spot process, and it’s likely that while the Tumticha at Ritual and Klatch are from the same washing station and harvest as the Tumticha served by Stumptown, they are NOT the “same” beans that Stumptown offers.

    We haven’t had a chance to compare Stumptown Tumticha to the offerings from Ritual and Klatch, and we hope to try these Gedeo Union offerings in the near future.

  2. gedeo union

    29 October

    this is late crop of same Gedeo as Ritual & Klatch have yes?

  3. Bryan Wray

    29 October

    For what it’s worth I’m actually more excited about the new Colombia Jordan… that coffee is impressive and I’m typically not the biggest fan of Colombian coffees. The savory qualities to it are really attractive.

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