Are The Real World Producers Misleading Portland C...

Are The Real World Producers Misleading Portland Cafes?

Hot tip out of Portland, where MTV’s Real World franchise is currently filming six shitty people living together in a fancy Pearl District loft (see above). According to anonymous hot tipper Barista X, he was approached while working bar in his cafe by a woman (we’ll call her Helen Hunty) who asked if she could film him pouring latte art. In line with his company’s policy, Barista X politely asked HH if the footage was for “private and non-commercial use.” Hunty Helen said “yes.”

Then a second staff member, Barista Y, recognized Helen Hunty from her night job at a nearby pizza parlor. Barista Y asked her, “What are you shooting for?” Hunty said it was for a “documentary film” (like most film productions, the nature and title of projects aren’t typically revealed during the shoot).

Barista Y then asked: “So you’re working for Real World?”

Helen Hunty looked “startled” and “outted”, and tried to laugh off the question by asking, “Are they still filming that?” Just then, a man carrying a massive movie camera and tripod walked into the cafe to begin filming the latte art. Baristas X and Y then retracted their permission and told the pair they were going to pass on the opportunity.

Are employees at Bunim/Murray Productions actively misleading Portland-area small businesses? Have you had experiences with The Real World shooting in your neighborhood? And will the Real World ever go back to its glory days of casting genuinely interesting human beings instead of slumming their cast members off of Model Mayhem?

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Also, all of this is alleged and anonymous and unconfirmed, so take your legal needs up with this guy:




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