Alternative Headlines For The 2011 WBC Champions

Alternative Headlines For The 2011 WBC Champions

In keeping with longstanding Sprudge tradition, we put our heads together prior to the Sunday announcements in Bogota and pre-wrote potential headlines for each of the 6 finalists. While Alejandro Mendez of El Salvador ultimately prevailed in taking home the gold, all 6 competitors turned in positively world-class performances on Sunday – trust us, we couldn’t copy and paste this one in advance. It’s with the utmost respect, admiration, love and appreciation that we share with you our 5 alternative headlines from the final round of the WBC. We love you all, and thanks for the electrifying Finals Sunday at WBC 2011.

* Hey Miki, You’re So Fine, You’re So Fine You Blow My Mind: Miki Suzuki Wins WBC 2011

* John Gordon Declared WBC Champion, 13th Earl Of Sutherland

* One Apron To Rule Them All: Matt Perger Wins WBC 2011

* The Reign In Spain: Javier Garcia Wins WBC 2011

* Booga Booga Kanaka Bruddah! Pete Licata Da Kine Win WBC 2011!




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