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The American Barista & Coffee School Teaches Up New York


Live in New York City? Going to the big city for CoffeeFest there in March? Wanna take an intensive two-day program of barista training and development a few days after? Or maybe you’re a NYC cafe owner, and you just hired a gang of new baristas, because specialty coffee is booming in NYC like whoa. Wouldn’t it be cool to send your new hires to boot camp for 2 days, and have them come back armed with knowledge and skills for you to mold?

If these hypothetical situations sound like you, consider taking a gander at this upcoming course from the American Barista & Coffee School. We’re newly partnered with the folks at ABC, but we’ve spent lots of time at their classroom space for events in Portland – it’s where we filmed our barista competition Pop-Up Video feature a few months back. Their NYC education events are kind of a new thing for the company, and this particular class is timed perfectly for the oncoming busy season onslaught in New York City.


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This class is a jam packed two days of intensive hands on training designed to bring your skill as a barista and your understanding of coffee to the next level.

Our unique “Train the Trainer” approach is a  perfect blend of real world scenarios, drink drills, and detail oriented instruction that will both prepare you to successfully run a quality coffee bar and teach others in your organization to do the same.

In those two days you will learn foundational skills in:

  • equipment maintenance and operation,
  • menu development
  • espresso extraction
  • milk steaming
  • latte art
  • work flow
  • speed
  • efficiency and organization

Our goal is that each student walk away confident and equipped  to run their coffee bar with knowledge and excellence!

The course is two days long, and ranges from intro to espresso drinks and milk steaming to latte art, workflow, drink drills, preventative maintenance, Urnex cleaning product tutorials, brewed coffee training, coffee bar opening & closing checklists, and all sorts of hands-on super practice from knowledgeable instructors, including upcoming TED Conference barista Sara Ziniewicz and longtime professional coffee educator Chris Deferio. Both Mr. Deferio and Ms. Ziniewicz have USBC competition experience, and Ms. Ziniewicz has also served as a certified USBC judge.

Training in specialty coffee is super important, from the barista champion to the first-time milk steamer. Some folks train in house, while others lean on their expert roaster partners to provide that important training. The ABC School is a third way, and it could be a great fit for the right shop or individual barista in New York looking to up their game. Learn more about the course and consider signing up here.

Boys! Put down those phones and pay attention to the teacher!

Boys! Put down those phones and pay attention to the teacher!




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