Four Barrel’s S.O. Menu Changes The Game

Four Barrel’s S.O. Menu Changes The Game

A glowing write-up of Four Barrel’s single origin espresso offerings from blogger Pat Riggs. The San Francisco roastery was recently awarded the prestigious 2009 Sprudgie Award for Best Café. The innovative single origin “front bar” was introduced during the last week of December, 2009. We think it’s a game changer. Each coffee is available as espresso or drip.

“Barista Matthew mastered the equipment, producing a shot of Sidamo that, for me at least, produced a nice berry flavor, buttery body / mouthfeel (sic), with a clean aftertaste. A memorable shot to be sure. I thought about the experience for the rest of the day.”

Codaditopo – Four Barrel Espresso Bar GS/3 and Versalab



  1. kizi

    22 July

    I’m pointing a finger at the finger pointer at a finger pointer at a finger pointer.

  2. Mike Marquard

    20 January

    How do they handle grinder setup? Dial in for each order? 8 grinders?

    Rad idea.

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