A Hunk Abroad: Handsome Chris Owens In Latin Ameri...

A Hunk Abroad: Handsome Chris Owens In Latin America


One of our very favorite things in the world is travel writing – the kind that really takes you places, shows you incredible sights and sounds, and contains highly detailed descriptions of what to pack. Ok, so maybe that last part is a kind of underserved genre, but packing concerns are actually a really important thing. It’s the 21st Century, people, and there’s more to consider than just your run of the mill Dopp kit.

It’s to our benefit, then, that one of specialty coffee’s inarguably most stylish denizens – Chris Owens, of Handsome Coffee Roasters – has recently undergone a marathon trip abroad to the coffeelands of Central America, and he’s blogging all about it over at the Handsome Coffee Roasters Tumblr.

5 countries, 4 weeks, purchasing who knows how much green coffee, and doing it all with just two pairs of slacks. How does Chris Owens do it? How could anyone do it, really, and yet stay so impeccably dressed? In the first of an ongoing series of travel dispatches, Mr. Owens outlines just exactly what he’s packed for the journey. Imagine if Indiana Jones and Don Draper had a baby, and it wrote for GQ – dude has this stuff figured out.


Yellow vaccination card


2 pair pants, 1 black and 1 grey – outlier OB

Here is what outlier has to say about the pants:

Ultralight Summer Trousers (Gray)

[The ones that barely exist. Ultralight Doubleweave is soft, supple and tough. It breathes incredibly well, with a soft lux handfeel and elegant drape. Yet when it comes to durability it’ll outclass fabrics more than three times its weight.]

1 waterproof shell – Patagonia

1 dark blazer – Nau “travel” blazer

1 dark navy grenadine tie – Drakes of London (If you are going to only have one tie this is it)

[The blazer and tie are nice to have. In airports and on airplanes I feel like people treat you better when you dress well. They also come in handy if you need to dress up for an event on your trip. You never know!]

2 long-sleeve Ministry of Supply Apollo dress shirts, 1 white & 1 Pink.

[Too much technology in these shirts to put here but check them out at They have a new pant out too. I may have to put those to the test next time.]

It goes on, but you get the point. Should you ever be in need of stylish travel advice for your next upcoming jungle adventure, this blog post is a pretty good point of reference – though we would LOVE to see something like this written elsewhere by a smart-traveling coffee adventure lady.

Oh! And you can ask Chris Owens questions while he travels abroad. Tweet at him via @handsomeroaster with the hashtag #handsomeQs, and you can ask him anything you want about travel, fashion, fashionable travel, border crossings, Latin American bars, and the current coffee situation right now from Guatemala to Costa Rica. Questioners can win a free bag of coffee from HCR!



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