A Double Nonfat Latte…And A Big, Bad Bong? M...

A Double Nonfat Latte…And A Big, Bad Bong? McDreamy Thinks So


Freshly minted Tully’s magnate Patrick Dempsey (known the world over as the hunky doctor McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy) envisions a “Michelin-star coffee shop” where you can smoke a big fat J, according to a recent interview with NY Daily News. Personally we don’t touch the stuff, but that sounds like a fabulous idea for some commercial success in Washington State, where Tully’s is based and pot is legal.

But McDreamy isn’t the only one who thinks so. We spoke with the founder of Spro and Dro, the world’s premiere publication on the intersection between fine marijuana and specialty coffee, to find out what they think about the possibilities for a 420 friendly cafe. “I saw that story a couple days ago,” said the S&D founder. “I want to run all of his shops.

We bet you do! Smoke ’em if you got ’em, friends, but just so we’re clear: maybe it’ll be McDreamy, be it’ll be the founders of Spro & Dro, but someone is going to come along and open the world’s first boutique coffee and marijuana bar in Washington State. When that happens, he or she stands to make the proverbial 10 million dollars.




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