Intelligentsia Venice: Videos

Los Angeles’ Department of the 4th Dimension continues its series on “the search for the ultimate tastemakers” with a video on Syphon brewing with Intelligentsia’s Chris Owens.

Syphon, Intelligentsia from Department of the 4th Dimension on Vimeo.

Kyle Glanville of Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea in Los Angeles stars in this informative and beautifully shot video that’s circulating Twitter. From the creators of the video:

A Dpt4D (F.P.S.) Original Series — Part One of an ongoing series that documents our search for the ultimate tastemakers. We begin in Venice, California over a coffee grinder…

Upcoming episodes to release over the next several weeks: Syphon Coffee and Cappuccino.

Espresso, Intelligentsia from Department of the 4th Dimension on Vimeo.



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