8 Cats That Did Not Attend La Marzocco’s Out...

8 Cats That Did Not Attend La Marzocco’s Out Of The Box


La Marzocco’s famous Out Of The Box event happened last week in Milano, Italy. was there, with our Assistant Editor Alex Bernson serving as MC throughout the event. But not everyone could make it. For example, these 8 cats definitely did not get the memo and were unable to attend this remarkable event.

This cat totally didn’t see Piero Bambi speak last week. Instead, he stayed in his box. 

These cats did not check out the new Mazzer Kold grinder.

This cat was all like “Milan? No, I’m cool. I’m going to stay right here in this box, thanks.”

Perfectly content to stay in the box, this cat was not invested in the re-interpretation of the original Linea.

This cat did not see the alternative body-style for the Linea PB, which takes the extended silhouettes of the FB70 and FB80 alternate Linea and Gb5 body styles in a more angular, industrial direction. No, in summation, this cat did not even remotely leave her box, and thus missed all the goodness in Milan. 

And this cat totally didn’t watch Tim Schilling’s talk on the important work coming out of World Coffee Research and their battle against coffee leaf rust.

This cat would’ve probably been totally into the sounds of i Monaci del Surf (the Surf Monks) doing beach-tinged covers of all sorts of pop hits during the La Marzocco BBQ. But we’ll never know. 

And we’re certain this cat would’ve loved the talk Jeffrey Young of Allegra Strategies gave on European coffee trends. We found this talk to be particularly informative and encouraging, but this cat? No clue. Just no clue whatsoever. 




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