6 Coffee “Science” Articles That Came ...

6 Coffee “Science” Articles That Came Out In The Last Week


Coffee is bad! Coffee is good! Oh, brother! With so many coffee science articles that come out – who can keep track? We’ve decided to compile six that have come out in just the last week and paired them with our educated reactions.

6. Four or More Cups of Coffee a Day May Keep Prostate Cancer Recurrence and Progression Away [Science Daily]


What’s better than drinking four cups of coffee a day? Knowing that you’re helping battle the prospect of prostate cancer. If you’re a survivor, four cups might help curb the recurrence. Really, who has the time? And who wants to think about prostate cancer while drinking Gaturiri?

5. Can Drinking Too Much Coffee Kill You? [The Guardian]


Really? Another “too much coffee can kill you” article?

4. No Coffee For Pregnant Moms? [Science Mag]


This article comes out nipping the heels of a slew of “coffee while pregnant is okay” features. Take it from us, moderation is key.

3. Coffee Consumption Linked To Higher Death Risk [USA Today]


Oh, USA Today. How we love you. Story highlights: coffee has antioxidants! Caffeine is a stimulant with potential adverse effects! Next week USA Today will pen a piece on food being apart of a balanced diet!

2. Could Heavy Coffee Drinking Help Men Battle Prostate Cancer? []


How many times must the same study be regurgitated by Health websites? In our latest survey, at least 69.

1. Drinking Coffee More Than Four Times A Day Could Be Bad For Your Health [Huffington Post]


Is it Friday yet?



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