Crazy Cups! McDonalds Ad Reveals Master Roasters H...

Crazy Cups! McDonalds Ad Reveals Master Roasters Hard at Work

Is it?

Slurping on national television, everyone.

At about 3:14am last night I was watching the Family Guy on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. It was a commercial break, and between ads for antidepressants, contraceptives, and apple juice I nearly spit out my nuggets, because there up on my television screen I saw a national television commercial depicting a honest-to-god coffee cupping.

I was mid-dunk in the BBQ sauce, my fifth frozen chicken nugget of the night. I had a bowl of mint chocolate chunk ice cream to the left of me. My cat was playing with a straw from my milkshake from earlier. There it was, on the TV, for about fifteen seconds, spoons, glasses, coffee crusts, and all.

And it was a McDonalds commercial! I felt like I was going crazy! Coffee crazy!

Apparently, this is in fact real life. Here’s the ad:

Did you see it? There’s former Specialty Coffee Association of America President Paul Thornton (presumably at roaster Coffee Bean International, cupping coffee for CBI client McCafe). According to the ad, this video is a thing that exists because of McDonald’s free coffee promotion later this month.


Sniffing and slurping. National Television.

TL:DW? The ad states, as boldly as McDonald’s coffee: “Our master roasters get to taste McCafe’s rich, smooth, delicious coffee everyday for free. You’re thinking, ‘how do I get that gig?’ Come to McDonalds during breakfast every morning from September 16th to the 29th. We can always use more taste testers.”

Being a coffee cupper (or “master roaster”?) sounds like a blast! They don’t have to taste. They get to taste. Every day. For free. At McDonald’s. Putting you, apparently, just that much closer to your coffee close-up. (Don’t forget to wipe the grinds off the top of your nose.)

Free coffee at McDonalds starts tomorrow.




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