15 Coffee x Clothing Collaborations That Should To...

15 Coffee x Clothing Collaborations That Should Totes Happen

Two weeks ago Toby’s Estate announced their first cafe in Manhattan, a fancy coffee bar to be located inside the conceptually revamped flagship store for Club Monaco. Not one month earlier, Urban Outfitters put a coffee bar serving Kickapoo Coffee in their 5th Ave Manhattan store. And now La Colombe has opened their first Chicago retail venture inside the new Haberdash neo-gentleman’s club retail experience. While fine coffee in a clothing store is really nothing new – think London’s Prufrock Coffee at the front bar of Present – what was once an isolated service model has now gone full zeitgeist. Somehow 2013 has become the year of coffee & clothing collaborations.

Personally, we’re all for it. Every clothing line should have its own attendant coffee bar! Who wouldn’t want a little caffeinated pick-me-up to help with those marathon shopping sessions? Clearly this is the wave of the future. And so to help spur this revolution on, we’ve put together a list of 15 coffee companies and the clothing lines we think best match their styles. Your demitasse is prêt-àporter; you need to make it work.

Starbucks at the Gap

Trapped in the 90s.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.36.15 AM


(Dis Magazine, Selling The 90s)

Streamer Coffee x Armani

Oh wait this already kind of happened.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 8.15.38 PM


Stumptown for Pendleton



(Glark, Cindy’s Antique Quilts)

Heart for The Pendleton Portland Collection

Very 2013.


(Marrow Mag, Portland Collection)

Starbucks Blonde Clover Bar at Banana Republic

I mean yes, it is an up market version, but it’s still the same old mega-corp when you get right down to it.


(Starbucks Melody, WPC)

Nespresso Pod Bar at H&M

They’re both from Europe, they’re both cheap takes on luxury, and their stores both have the same euro trash soundtrack. Fast coffee for your fast fashion.


(So Lifestyle, Shop Westfarms)

Starbucks Via® Instant Self-Serve Bar at American Eagle



(Jeremy Person, AE)

The Barn for Karl Lagerfeld

Austere, minimalist, and German.

(Petite Passport)


(Petite Passport, Emakina)

Grumpy for rag & bone

They’re both classic, solidly-constructed and under-appreciated. And they’ve both been on Girls.


(NY Daily News, rag+bone)

Square Mile for Burberry

Elite, yet readily available. Strong brand recognition. Prone to forays into high fashion.


(Sprudge, Mimito)

Handsome x Nudie

Once again this is basically already a thing.

(LA I’m Yours)

Cafe Europa for Louis Vuitton

Europa brunch comes in multiple sizes, just like Louis bags, and just like Louis bags there are plenty of knock-offs. Both are run by the oldest houses in their industries–and the people enjoying their products probably have more money than you do.


(, Louis Vuitton)

Joe Coffee For Marc Jacobs

They were both started by dapper gentlemen in NYC. They both have a million locations. They’re both kind of gay.


(NYT, GearLive)

Koppi for Björn Borg

Those undies are hot and so are Koppi owners Anne Lunell and Charles Nystrand.



(Sprudge, Tennis Served Fresh)


Alex Bernson, Alex Pond, Talon Wood, and Sara Ziniewicz-Michelman contributed to this feature.




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