10 Puppies That Should Totally Be Baristas (But Ar...

10 Puppies That Should Totally Be Baristas (But Aren’t)

Update for 8.29.20143 — 9 out of the 10 photos below have been borrowed, taken “via”, posted “with thanks to”, and / or just plain stolen from Hipster Puppies, and are the original work of the website’s author, Christopher R. Weingarten. This feature ran without proper attribution for nearly 24 hours, for which we are sincerely sorry. Our regrettable decision to not correctly attribute these photos was not malicious, but rather, born out of jet-lagged, sloppy, outright lazy #journalism at the hands of this website’s editors. 

Hipster Puppies is super funny, and now available in book form – you can purchase it here

10. After Maddie’s six hour shift she goes home and types on her vintage typewriter.


Originally by Hipster Puppies.

9. “The Health Department totally makes us wear hats so I picked out the most ridiculous one I could find.”


Originally by Hipster Puppies.

8. Chunky Butt isn’t really into coffee, but working helps fund his band between Kickstarter campaigns.


Originally by Hipster Puppies.

7. Mr. Bojangles listens to cassettes on his break.


Originally by Hipster Puppies.

6. “Earlier today someone actually ordered a non-fat cappuccino.”


Originally by Hipster Puppies.

5. “Where’s my Washed Out record?”


Originally by Hipster Puppies.

4. Bubbles just had to work a clopen, and anyway, this job is totally killing his social life.


Originally by Hipster Puppies.

3. “If I have to make another extra-hot mocha I’m going to bite someone.”


Originally by Hipster Puppies.

2. Beagsie Nub Nubs is totally going to win the latte art throw down on Thursday.


Originally by Hipster Puppies.

1. “Quit being so specist.”


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