10 Cat Cafes Around The World You Just Have To See

10 Cat Cafes Around The World You Just Have To See


Some travel the world to take in the sights, the seven wonders, the scenery. How about travel for cat cafes? Cat cafes are safe spaces for humans and felines to interact – most charge a fee by time and many offer coffee, tea, and pastry. No cat cafes offer Kopi Luwak, because that’s just gross.

The very first Cat Cafe opened in Taiwan in 1998 and since then has expanded to global phenomenon. Here are 10 Cat Cafes that will take you around the world and back again.

10. Say “hallo” to Moritz, the Viennese kitty at Cafe Neko in Austria.

9. Snuggle up with Felix, the handsome little chap at Totnes Cats Cafe in Devon.


8. George is very sleepy at La Gatoteca in Madrid, Spain.


7. At Cat Cafe Budapest in Hungary, O’Niel is always down to snuggle.

6. Pelle likes to take naps on his many perches at Pee Pees Katzencafe in Berlin, Germany.

5. Crookshanks was once an abandoned kitty. Now, she diligently monitors internet activity at Le Café Des Chats in Paris, France.

4. Norris loves to play at Norie Cafe in Seoul, South Korea.

3. Well hello, Mr. Moonlight! Nice to meet you! You can find this fellow at the Curl Up Cafe in Tokyo, Japan.

2. This cat doesn’t seem to have a name, but if we could name him he’d be Sergeant Fluffybutt. You can hang out with this fluff-nugget at Cafe Dog and Cats in Taipei, Taiwan. The also have a golden retriever.

1. Who will be the first kitty at KitTea in San Francisco, California? The first cat cafe in the US will open later this year.


Do you have a favorite cat cafe that’s not on the list? Meow off in the comments below!



  1. Catface Meowmers

    14 July

  2. Clement

    22 November

    You have the Cafe Chat l Heureux (Happy cat cafe) in Montreal! Canada

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