Your NWRBC Champion For 2011 Is Samuel Purvis!

Your 2011 NWRBC champion is…Samuel Purvis of Coava! Sam won it all with a score of 688.5, just baaaarely besting 2nd place finisher Ryan Wilbur’s score of 688. Wow. Laila Ghambari rounds out a top 3 of fierce, ferocious NWRBC competitors.

Purvis With A Purpose

Congratulations to all of the finalists. Every last one of you, and many more who did not advance to the last day, absolutely kicked ass and were amazing to watch. The caliber of competition at this event was quite literally world class, as good as anything we saw at WBC in London, and this year’s NWRBC baristas should be damn proud of themselves.

messenger bags for all

Photo thanks to Tonx, the truly essential coffee flickr.


  1. Nick Konipick says

    Purvis FTW.
    That’s cool.
    It’s going to be an interesting USBC this year, that’s for sure.
    Will Billy Wilson going to compete at all?
    WTG every one

    • Frith says

      Mr Wilson was/is a sensory judge this season, so won’t be able to compete. He seemed to enjoy being on the other side of the judges’ table, so the question becomes “will he judge at USBC?”. Which only he can answer, of course.

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