#YesEqual: Homophobes Attack Starbucks

#YesEqual: Homophobes Attack Starbucks

Right now the fight is ON in Washington State for some pending gay marriage legislation. And guess who’s on board with the moral support? Those big bunch of queens at Starbucks corporate. Here’s a quote from Karen Holmes, Starbucks Executive VP:

Starbucks is proud to join other leading Northwest employers in support of Washington State legislation recognizing marriage equality for same-sex couples … This important legislation is aligned with Starbucks business practices and upholds our belief in the equal treatment of partners.

Go Starbucks! Now, we’ve been a little hunty to you in the past, but we gotta give it up for Starbucks getting on the gay marriage train in their home state. Good job, Howie and Co.

Unfortunately this sort of political support opens you up to all kinds of attacks, like from the gaycists at Opposing Views:

Coffee isn’t the only thing brewing at Starbucks. So is controversy–as customers learn about the company’s bold blend of liberal politics. This week, the coffeehouse jumped into a fierce battle over marriage in Washington State, home to the Seattle-based company. While the state is still sharply divided over same-sex “marriage,” Starbucks has decided to sweeten the pot for homosexual activists and join the attack on local families.

There’s no shortage of this sentiment on the web following that statement from Starbucks, but it’s okay, folks at Opposing Views and the Family Research Council – it’s your American right oppose to marriage equality for homosexuals. Just be aware that these homosexuals are the very same people who foam your cappuccinos, steep your Tazo Tea infusions, and whup that 3,000 calorie Frappuccino of yours within an inch of its life. If you’re really all that anti-gay marriage, we suggest that you forgo the convenience of your local Starbucks, and order your beans elsewhere.

Look for more from us in the coming weeks, as we organize the specialty coffee community to support marriage equality in the great state of Washington. #YesEqual onwards.



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