We Millrock You: Latte Art At CoffeeFest and Beyon...

We Millrock You: Latte Art At CoffeeFest and Beyond

In the wake of Seattle CoffeeFest 2010, we’ve got some latte art shenanigans to drop a little ink on…

Shut out of the Sweet Sixteen yet again...

First up is the Millrock Latte Art Competition at the CoffeeFest skybridge. Sponsored by some fine folks, including Barista Magazine and featuring Papa Simonelli himself! From the Sweet Sixteen we reported on yesterday, the group whittled down to an Elite Eight with the following combatants:

Raak v. Emmons

Nicely Alameda v. Burt

Soeder v. McGovern

Olson v. Ghambari.

The Elite Eight round was super close, especially the Tereka Raak / Kevin Emmons showdown. Tereka barely edged out Kevin to advance to the next round. The Final Four featured IntelliVenice’s  Christopher Nicely Alameda, Andrew Olson, Tereka Raak and Adam McGovern (Sterling / Coffeehouse NW).

Third place honors went to Tereka Raak, who traveled to Seattle for CoffeeFest from Holland, Michigan. She pours for JP’s Espresso Bar, whose website would like you to know that “since 1993, JP’s has brought great coffee to the West Michigan area”. Kind of an awesome story, actually, she was a total darkhorse in the competition and her 3rd place finish earned her a nice $500 check. Congrats, Tereka!

Western Michigan bracket busters!

The championship battle was closely fought, with Christopher Nicely Alameda Semiamu Jermichael taking second place, leaving top honors to Adam McGovern. Adam’s the Portland-based co-owner of Sterling Coffee and Coffeehouse Northwest, and he was kind enough to talk to us for a quick second after winning Seattle MillRock. Our top question is always, “what do you have planned for your victory check?”, and Adam gave us kind of the perfect answer: as a small business owner, he plans on using his winnings to purchase a “1995 Jeep Wrangler”, for use as a company car for Sterling/Coffeehouse. Sweet!

Congratulatons to all the competitors, the top finishers Adam McGovern, Nicely, and Tereka Raak, and remember: if you see Adam McGovern rolling around PDX in a 95 Jeep Wrangler, you’ll know it was purchased with mad skills.

And oh, there were more contests. Ryan Soeder took first place at the Victrola Brew Ha Ha latte art competition, with Chris Giannakos finishing second in what we’re told was “an extremely close” decision. They took home some sweet gear from for their efforts. As for the by-the-cup brew battle, it didn’t finish until around 10:45, and we’d already left the party by then, so these final placings come as second hand: Jordan Barber in 3rd place, Tom Pikard in 2nd, and a miraculously inebriated first place finish by Jared G. of Espresso Parts.Congrats to all, and thanks to those of you who helped prop up Jared for his final pour.

  1. Chris Giannakos

    3 November

    What?! I got a rubber axe.

    Ryan you’re pour was a babe. It was nice to meet you. See you in Seattle next time I’m down.

  2. Ryan Soeder

    31 October

    Chris, were we supposed to get “some sweet gear from” Someone should have told us…

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