We Dare You To Watch This Whole Video

The newest face in a long line of weird Twitter Marketing 101 YouTube wizards that review coffee and try to monetize the shit out of it. Alex has made over twenty videos, each with off-the-cuff analogies that don’t really make sense.


(Thanks for the tip, @espresso911!)


    • says

      Thanks Ola! It’s all adding to the coffee culture, in a 2011 sort of way! I can honestly say I’m halfway between delighted and going to “an uncle’s wedding” during midterms. There’ll be plenty of interesting stuff that I hope you’ll all be jiving with us about!

  1. Al says

    “between real nasty and good”

    That is the quote of the year! This is too funny, but at the same time sad. Somewhere between sad and funny, I think.


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