Three Processes, One Cupping At Water Ave

Three Processes, One Cupping At Water Ave

Will you be in the fair city of Portland, Oregon this upcoming Friday or Saturday? If your answer is “yes”, then surely don’t miss your chance to enjoy a three way cupping courtesy of Water Avenue Coffee. Read on:

Water Avenue Coffee is proud to present a unique look into farm-level coffee processing. Join us at any of our 4 cupping events to explore the affect that different processing methods have on your daily cup of coffee. We will be cupping coffees from El Salvador Finca Manzano. This 100% Bourbon varietal was all harvested from the same plot , on the same 2 days, the 14th and 15th of February 2011, and then processed using three different methods: Mechanical Washed Process (with a Pinhalense demucilager), Pulp Natural, and Full Natural (Dry Process). We will be hosting 4 separate cuppings and limiting each to 15 people.

Friday Oct. 21st – 9am
Friday Oct. 21st – 1pm
Saturday Oct. 22nd – 9am
Saturday Oct. 22nd – 1pm

A limited edition single origin espresso, blended from all three batches will be available at each cupping as well. Please RSVP to with the day and time you will be able to attend. Or call 503-808-7083 Thanks!

– WAC Team

We wouldn’t miss it for the world. You can scope out all the Facebook info here, and enjoy a little three-way music below.



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