Vivace Manager Brian Fairbrother Hospitalized

We’ve just learned that Brian Fairbrother, twenty-year veteran of Vivace, is currently hospitalized after a cycling accident.

His current condition:

After the doctors have analyzed all of Brian’s test results it has become apparent that he suffers from severe brain trauma due to lack of oxygen to his brain at the scene…and we are now in process with this information. Much love, Patrick, Tricia and Mary

His friends and family have set up a CaringBridge account for Brian. Follow Brian’s recovery and send your love here.

(Photo credit: Nicely85)


  1. says

    I learned a lot from Brian… this is very, very sad. As Nicely indicates, he is deeply in the roots of the lineage of many of us doing this coffee thing, whether folks are aware of it or not. Legit on every level. An inspiration.

    Many vibes going out to him and the many folks whose lives have been touched by him.

  2. Donovan says

    I hardly knew him but looking at the image of him posted I recognized him immediately and remembered how pleasant he was. May Allah (God) be pleased with him. I wish I could help in some way. My finances do not allow me to assist at this time monetarily. Those close to him are enriched by his contribution to humanity and reality and even though I did not know him personally it goes without saying that those he encountered and shared of himself are better for the interaction. Again, may his transition if he does not recover be one of elevation and may those close to him shine brighter thru their remembrance of one resplendent. A name is more valuable than gold and his last name is a precursor to the man that would don it.

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