USBC 2011: Your Finalists Are…

With no further ado, your 2011 USBC finalists are:

1. Nik Krankl (Gelato Bar & Espresso Cafe)

2. Trevor Corlett (Madcap)

3. Pete Licata (Honolulu Coffee Company)

4. Lorenzo Perkins (Cafe Medici)

5. Ryan Knapp (Madcap)

6. Kevin Bohlin (Ritual)

Two Madcappers! No Northwesterners? Lorenzo! Whodathunkit? 100% certified babes.


  1. says

    2010 Semifinals went like this beyond the 6 that advanced to the finals:
    7. Pete Licata
    8. Ryan Knapp
    9. Lorenzo Perkins
    10. Ryan Willbur
    11. Trevor Corlett
    12. Nikolas Krankl

    Kind of spooky…

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