Total Dominy Nation: ATL vs OLY In Coast To Coast Brew Boast

Jason Dominy, Curator

Atlanta, Georgia – UGA fans, Tom Wolfe’s “A Man In Full”, outdoor barbecue smoking as holy religion, and world class baristas.

Olympia, Washington – crusty punks, kombucha cocktails, music that was kind of a big deal an increasingly long time ago, and world class baristas.

Though culturally disparate, these two mighty mights are squaring off head to head in this month’s transcontinental Manual Brewing Battle. 6 special guest judges, live music, some f’real mega-dope Square Mile Suke Quto in the mix, and fabulous prizes, including this year’s Sprudgie Award winning Coava DISK. An ever-growing list of sponsors include BMag, BXchange, Baratza, Square Mile Coffee Roasters, Coava Coffee, Batdorf & Bronson, MadCap Coffee, and Verve Coffee.

The event goes down the evening of Sunday, January 16th. Check out the prize list and some gentle smack talk below, and learn more on the Facebooks.

First Place wins a Manual Brewing Package that includes: New Baratza Preciso, a Clever Dripper, An Aeropress, a Hario V60, and a Coava DISK!

Second Place wins a new Baratza Maestro, along with a Top Secret Brewing Package and coffee!

Third Place wins an awesome coffee package and a Coava DISK!

All scores will be tabulated on each coast, and winners will be those with the highest individual score irregardless of location. This is not a team event. Judges will be in contact via Skype Video on each coast. We want to see as many baristas as possible compete! Especially baristas from around the SE who’ve been in the shadow of our Pacific NW brethren for so long.


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