To Protect And…Perv? Cops Watch Bikini Baris...

To Protect And…Perv? Cops Watch Bikini Baristas 9 Months

Bikini barista stands, going viral across the USA? A 9 month investigation into “illegal activities” at three “Java Juggs” stands in Edmonds, Washington have been featured prominently by the Huffington Post and AOL newswires. In case you were wondering, neither AOL nor HuffPo were able to write a funny headline for their features. (Our alternates were: “Juggs, Jury and Executioner” and “Boob ‘Em, Dano!”)

In its defense, the Edmonds police department claims the story has been seriously overblown:

“The actual investigation (an officer in plain clothes going to the business for the first time) didn’t begin until the middle of April. The investigation was conducted by a plainclothes street crimes investigation unit who were working on several matters at the same time. This wasn’t their only ongoing investigation or their only priority, but enough complaints came in from the community that it was obvious we had an obligation to investigate.”

Tee-hee, “obligation to investigate”. Read the full story here via Edmonds Patch.


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