Nothing Sexier Than A Barista Who Listens

Nothing Sexier Than A Barista Who Listens

From our “Late Night Basic Cable TV” desk comes this coffee-themed commercial for Live Links, spotted while flipping back and forth between an episode of “Cheaters” and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”.

In case you didn’t know, Live Links is telephone-based dating service, describing itself as “A fun and easy way to meet singles in your city.” We can’t imagine who actually uses it – maybe old people – but really, haven’t you heard of Grindr? Or OkCupid, Grindr’s neurotic, less-fun, provisionally straight cousin?


Well look at that – he’s got her drink order DOWN, people, and she’s like permed-up putty in his hands. Now, we’re willing to bet he doesn’t care THAT much about pleasing her [Ed. note: nomo, mormo, or almo in limbo] but STILL, he just made that PYT’s day, and she’s all ready to head off into the world and get busy on Live Links for like $2.79 a minute. This hunky, smiling, definitely ambiguous barista boy has made a grand display of his kindness for all to see, and now Miss Thang has a wiggle in her step, which means she’ll prolly flirt some more with the next person she interacts with, and there will be even more wiggles in steps, until eventually someone somewhere falls in love and we all go home with flowers for our boo-boo. Call it the Flirtatious Butterfly Effect – Baristas really can make the world a better place.


  1. Mark Hundley

    28 December

    Tighten up that grind, lover boy!

  2. Alex Negranza

    26 December

    I thought it was, “There’s Nothing Hotter than a Boy With a 5 o’clock Shadow, Glasses, Cute Smile, Good Hair, and French Presses You Against the….”

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