The Unauthorized “Dangerous Grounds” Drinking Game


Todd asks locals “where the coffee is” - two drinks.

Todd denounces the “middle-man” - one drink.

Todd uses a paper map - one drink.

Todd calls cameraman “Hollywood” - one drink.

Todd tells cameraman to hide the camera – two drinks.

Todd gets pulled over - one drink.

Todd’s car breaks down - one drink.

Todd fixes vehicle - fix yourself one drink.

Todd sleeps under car - finish your drink! 

Todd eats something caaaraaazaaay - one drink.

Todd trespasses – one drink.

Camera zooms in on machete - two drinks.

Todd cups “bad” coffee - two drinks.

Dangerous animals are talked about, but not seen - finish your drink!

Todd smells green coffee - 1 drink.

Farmer speaks English – one drink.

Todd cups “good” coffee - two drinks.

Todd announces he’s “buying all they have” - finish your drink!

Camera dissolves from handshake to Todd’s roastery - pour yourself another drink.

Todd smokes a cigarette – buy Todd a drink the next time you see him.

Catch “Dangerous Grounds” on Travel Channel every Tuesday at 9/8c. Todd Carmichael travels to Papua New Guinea in an all new episode January 8 at 11/10c. 

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