The Today Show’s Grand Seattle Display

The Today Show’s Grand Seattle Display

Behold – nobody does coffee with more reverence and accuracy than The Today Show, and their recent trip to Seattle was the PERFECT opportunity for Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda to show off their cupping skills. What better way than to try 3 specialty drinks from the finest cafes in Seattle: Starbucks, Tully’s and Caffe Vita!

It’s a Bobby Flay-style coffee con carne cook-off rodeo, and Mike from Starbucks is up first! “I want a venti with some stuff in it!” exclaims Kathy Lee. Ooh, girl, don’t we all? Mike pushes a button, pumps some pumps and Kathy helps slop whip cream over everything. Dollop a heaping helping of butter caramel and boom!

Andy from Vita goes second. He forgoes the opportunity to use one of many fine DolcePump Brand Flavored Syrups, opting instead to simply make the ladies some lattes. He begins to talk about the “sweetness of the milk” on his very simple drink but Kathy and Hoda don’t care, and don’t seem to even hear his woefully out-of-context third wave diatribe. Instead, he wins the fashion award, which, like…you know that thing where your mind can be boggled by the sheer panopoly of jokes to make? “Vita wins fashion award from Hoda” is one of those moments. Moving on.

Tully’s brings up the rear with their Signature Intense Dark Chocolate Hawaiian Salted Mocha, which looks to be roughly the same color as a mummy’s wrap with tasting notes of diabetes. Naturally, Hoda and KL are thrilled.

And the winner is.. (because this is a competition, somehow, though to be fair, we’ve seen less qualified people judge latte art competitions)…Caffe Vita! This is the single biggest victory for Vita since Mike McConnell’s lawyer got that thing thrown out of court. Props to The Today Show producers for choosing the cream of the Seattle crop for their little “coffee cook-off”, and for placing Vita in its appropriate culinary context with Tully’s and Starbucks. For the record, Kathy Lee doesn’t seem thrilled about Andy’s victory – “it’s an upset win, people, an upset!”

There’s also this video, where what’s-her-name reenacts the “This is one damn fine cup of coffee” scene from Twin Peaks (at about 2:45). Did someone slip us acid in our sleep or something? This is what we woke up to? You could have filmed both these video segments in 1998, and actually, the coffee service featured in the first one would have been much more excusable back then. This is indeed a disturbing universe.

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  1. HotCoffee

    24 October

    Great work Vita! Keeping to the basics.  It was an obvious win from the start but it was well perfected. 

  2. La

    21 October

    hey at least the guy in the green apron is using “3% of the best beans sourced throughout the world.” 
    p.s.87,000?!?!?!?!? and not a single one with booze.

  3. Anonymous

    21 October

    Starbuck’s and Tully’s are the finest in coffee?

    Well, we know they were still drunk when this segment got planned.

  4. Andrew

    21 October

    The Today Show is still on television? Wow…

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