The Hunks Of The Nordic Barista Cup: A True-Life P...

The Hunks Of The Nordic Barista Cup: A True-Life Photo Essay

Well, it happened again – last weekend unleashed the Nordic Barista Cup on the world, bringing together some of the finest people in coffee for three days of non-stop action. There were lectures, cuppings, throwdowns, tastings, teasings, tickle-fights and a winning Scandinavian country (go Sweden!).

Sprudge editorial was unable to attend this year – we’re really sad that we couldn’t make it, especially after having the opportunity to see all of the fun in Oslo last year. Really, the NBC is one of the best coffee events in the whole wide world, and it’s our sincere hope to bring you interesting, original, anything-but-bland coverage from the NBC again next summer.

But you know why we’re really sad we couldn’t make it? Open industry secret: Nordic Barista Cup attracts the hunkiest men in coffee, year in and year out. Caps lock HUNKS. Don’t believe us? Our recently paroled HunkShot™ Curator Randall H. Bodom self-funded his way to Copenhagen just to snap these shots. (Don’t ask what he had to do to get tickets.) Have a look-see for yourself…

“Oooh. Sultry eyes and a smart dresser. Stopped me in my tracks. And I’d just found out about the winning coffees at the Nordic Barista Cup. Solberg & Hansen took the roaster prize and best filter coffee trophy. Double Shot took the prize in…you guessed it…espresso. Maybe this man could pull me a shot? Single or double, honey, you take control.”

“Looks like they filled my lefse with beefcake! What’s that you got in your hand, Tim? Looks absolutely thrilling. Must be that winning espresso. Speaking of, did you catch that lusty James Hoffmann’s talk on Reinventing Espresso? My advice: watch it again. Fast forward to 29:00 where it really gets juicy.”

“The scene: I’m walking with one pound of green coffee, one pound of partially roasted coffee and one pound of dark roast. Something must’ve caught my eye for a split second and oof! There goes three pounds of beans all over the floor. Clumsy Randy! Luckily this nice man got right down on the ground and starting helping me clean up. We both looked up and gazed into each other’s eyes. I said: stop. Don’t move. Let Randy capture that smile.” Siighh…

“These two? Nothing but trouble, trust me.”


  1. William

    1 September

    Blonde? check.
    Blue-eyed? check.
    Caucasian? check.
    Teens-to-early-twenties? check.

    Criteria filled, must be a Sprudge hunk.

  2. The Hunks Of The Nordic Barista Cup: A True-Life Photo Essay i spy a hunk of a stephen vick in the last shot.

  3. @johanochnystrom @dropcoffee swedish hunks! “@sprudge: The Hunks Of The Nordic Barista Cup: A True-Life Photo Essay”

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