The Desert Deserted: SWRBC 2010 Has Been Canceled

The Desert Deserted: SWRBC 2010 Has Been Canceled guest blogger Carl Mundy (Waterbed Warehouse, Twin Falls, ID):

Well, heck. Someone’s gone and humped the pooch on the sponsorships for this year’s SWRBC. Boy, let me tell you, I’m madder than a turkey on the tweak, seein’ as how me an Annabelle were all set to skip church and truck on down the back ridge of the Rocky Mountains to watch some local yokels pull shots there in Airy Zona.

I’m pissed off, ain’t gonna lie.

Reminds me of the time I forgot to set the re-mote capture for the latest episode of that newfangled “American Gladiators” bullshit they had runnin’ on the ABC a few years back. Weren’t no skin off my bald spot, ‘cept for the fact that my 4th wife Emily (y’all ain’t heard about her yet on account of the fact she’s lawyered up with a real ball-buster) kept runnin’ up and down my hide all day long about “Pyro” this, and “Gyro” that, all cos I pressed the little green button instead of the little red button. She was a real bitch, let me tell you – that marriage was canceled quicker than you can say “Southwest Regional Barista Competition”.

From the folks at Arizona Coffee:

I learned that the SWRBC for 2010 has been canceled by the BGA due to lack of sponsorship funding. It’s too bad because it was going to be a great event.

Jason Silberschlag, the regional rep for the BGA, told me on Tuesday that he is hoping to organize a day or two of training for anyone that is interested. He said that could mean bringing experts from outside of Arizona, depending on interest. If you’re interested, I suggest that you follow up with him.

Arizona Coffee: SWRBC Canceled


  1. Ellie

    19 February

    Wasn’t the new Gladiators on NBC?

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